Reflections on 2012

Not what you think

Kind words, cruel words, shabby deeds, golden acts of kindness and sparkling moments of joy- all these things I see as I reflect on 2012. Of course there are the ‘big’ moments too – Olympic flames and royal barges, plummeting daredevils and courageous schoolgirls.

An important reflection on 2012 for any of us, though, is our own. What did we learn – through either success or failure? How well did we live up to the high calling of humanity, made in the image of God?

The best tool for reflecting on 2012 is surely a mirror. Make sure, though, that it is not like Harry Potter’s mirror of erised, shown below. Such a mirror shows what might have been, and brings only regret.

May courage, faith and glorious humanity be yours in 2013.



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