Littlest Star IV

A trail of sparks

Those of you who have read the tale of the Littlest Star will know that he didn’t have a ‘trail of sparks to tow behind him across the heavens.’ However, when the Littlest Star completed his 2011 journey at the offices of Shooting Star Chase yesterday, he left quite a trail of sparks behind him:

  • 1 publishing record – concept to publication in 22 days
  • 1 author
  • 1 illustrator
  • 1 graphic designer
  • 1 production manager
  • 1 generous printer
  • 1 impressed comedienne
  • 1 mail manager
  • 2 BBC interviews
  • 100s of tweets
  • Readings in churches, schools,a toy shop, a hospice and lots of bedrooms, kitchens and cars
  • 11 supportive local businesses
  • 379 copies sold
  • Over £1800 raised for Shooting Star Chase

Katy Jones takes delivery of the money...

Huge thanks are due to all those mentioned above -for the generous donation of their time and talents. Through their generosity they have contributed to the lives of children in the most severe need.

What next for Littlest Star? There are copies of the book ready to sell locally and online for Christmas 2012. Wouldn’t it be better, though, if a publisher could be found to promote the book nationally? Anyone with contacts to make that dream a possibility should please make contact via the comments on this blog, or via @richardlittleda on Twitter.

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