A miracle for #littleowl

Can you do something amazing in time for Christmas?

This is a story. In fact, it is the story of a story. It might even be the story of a story of a story. The story begins almost 10 years ago, when the charity Momentum was founded. Momentum cares for children with cancer and life-limiting conditions. Momentum embraces the needs of the whole family, bringing light into the darkest places, and caring just when it is needed most. Early on in the charity’s life, a family with a poorly child was staying at one of the log cabins owned by the charity on the edge of the New Forest. Outside, an owl was nesting in a tree – and the child declared “that owl is watching over me” Thus Mo the owl, the charity’s mascot, was born.

In the last week of September I wrote a story all about Mo the owl. It is a story of love, loss and friendship, designed to help children think through bereavement. When I went live with the story the following week, I was bowled over by the kindness I received. Within 12 hours, 2 illustrators, in different parts of the country, had offered to work together on illustrating the story – all for nothing. A third artist then stepped in, and has added a beautiful cover design. Radio 1 Presenter Sar Cox has now adder her skills – writing a lovely foreword for this little book, Even as I write, a book designer is giving her time for free to make the book ready for printing.

This is where the story needs some more help. I am looking for a printer who will print 500 copies of this book for free to support the work of Momentum. I will supply all that is needed, and the printer will do the rest. Could we bring about a little Christmas miracle for Momentum, for Mo, and for the children who depend upon him? What do you think?

Please contact me via a comment here  if you think you can help. I look forward to hearing from you.


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