Alone together

Another postcard from the land of grief

Sometimes when living in a strange land you find yourself drawn to others who also never expected to be here. Like you, they are out of context and looking for anchors in this alien place. Ten days ago, I met just such a stranger.

Ginny was born in Ireland in 2016, and for some reason found herself without a home. Rounded up and brought across to a small village in West Berkshire, she came into the tender care of the Dog’s Trust. It was there that she and I met each other. As a lurcher, she doesn’t really have a voice – but her silence spoke to mine. Looking for another breed entirely, I found myself drawn so powerfully to her. Maybe there was a sadness or a wisdom reflected in those amber eyes, or maybe I just fell for the tasseled ears. Either way, I was smitten.

After careful checks by the Dog’s Trust, and some trial walks, she has now come to live here with me. These two characters, thrust out of context by circumstances they did not choose, are pooling their resources to forge a new context. She is a little nervous, and I have a lot to learn – but the partnership has so much to offer.

Watch this space…


2 thoughts on “Alone together

  1. Richard these postcards are amazing, my heart goes out to you in your grief, but it is also encouraged by your honesty & hope, with ongoing love & prayers, Jane Durham (Fryer)