Companions in the storm

An honest tale

This morning I began to preach through Paul’s second letter to the Christians in Corinth. As ever was, the sermon was written early in the week and ‘percolated’ through the remaining days. The introduction which you read below was only born last night, and judging by the response to it – it was meant to be:

“Trust God in the storm…but keep on rowing” – I used to love that Danish proverb. It was my defence against the ‘let go and let God’ brigade whom I regarded as spiritually lazy.  That  was before the greatest storm in my life broke…

My little boat was pitched and tossed around in a way I would never have thought possible, and I lost sight of the shore. I could not keep rowing , as my hands were too weak to grip the oars and my back too weary to pull against the tide. And then, something remarkable happened.

All along the shore, pinpricks of light emerged.  My sisters and brothers in God’s family came out of their houses with candles, torches, bicycle lights and anything they could find to show me that I was not so far from home after all.  Stronger, fresher, rowers pulled alongside in boats to my right and my left. I out rode the storm and I was back to the trusting God again.




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