Introducing …The Negativity

A nativity scene for our times?

It will be no secret to many that I am a fan of nativity scenes. Earlier this year my book, ’37 kings and a budgerigar’ was published, featuring 25 of the sets in my collection. I have enough for at least another two books – so be warned!


I am always on the lookout for something new to add to the collection, the more quirky or thought-provoking the better. This year, my son may have just found it for me.

The Negativity was the brainchild of artist and musician David Nedrow. Talking with his sister and niece back in 2012, the subject came up of a family friend’s negative attitude to Christmas, and they joked that he should display a ‘negativity scene’ at home. That year, a hand-made version was given as a gift to the artist’s niece and a tradition was born. The set is now available to buy, with each figure hand-painted.  As you can see,they are a glum lot. [Click on each image for full-size picture]

Negativity 1

Mary is very unimpressed with things:


And even Jesus seems less than happy:

negativity 4

However, I have to confess that it was the cross sheep who won my heart:

negativity 2

I have no doubt that some will love this and others will hate it.  Some will see it as disrespectful and others will enjoy it. My question here is whether it is more or less appropriate as we approach Advent in this troubled year? I tend to agree with the artist himself who says:

When things look the darkest…it’s time to lighten up.

Do you agree?