A little owl…

…prepares to take flight

There’s a scene in Aardman Animation’s ‘Chicken Run’ where the chickens finally escape over the wire in a giant wooden bird powered by all the chickens. Inside they sit in serried ranks, pulling like crazy to operate the ungainly wings of the contraption. Finally, with just a few centimeters to spare – it lifts them over the fence and takes flight to safety. Between them, they pull it off.

To date the journey of the ‘Little Owl’ has been rather like that. In the 44 days since it launched, different people have pulled together, offering their time, talents and love to enable this project to take off in aid of Momentum and those it supports.

  • There was Dani, who said: “I am an illustrator, i have a variety of my work on the facebook page linked, that shows what i could do to help this wonderful project”.
  • There was Carol, who said: “I have produced cartoons, could send you a selection if you would like.
  • There was Sara Cox who said: “I’d love to do a foreword.”
  • There was Rachel who said: “I’ve come up with an idea and some lettering for the title.”
  • There was Annette who said:“What a lovely story Richard, I’d be delighted to help”
  • Then there was Mark who said:”That’s fine – I can work with that.The files that I need for print are…”
  • There were also the hundreds of people, from Anglican vicars to a Maltese terrier, who kept the story alive on Twitter.

All being well, ‘The Tale of the Little Owl’ should be out in time for Christmas, all thanks to this stupendous team effort. Don’t forget to buy yours..


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