Trouble in store?

My moment with the puppets

A few moments ago I was writing to a friend about how much I value my work with the local community. Over the years I have worked with local businesses in many different ways, and every time I count it as a privilege. They are a lively and hard-working bunch, serious about enhancing the town where they work.

My most recent initiative to help them has been the #Christmasdoors project, which goes live one week today. To date, most publicity has been online. However, on Tuesday I decided to contact the local paper, who sent along a photographer. He took a number of shots of me holding one of the Christmas Doors on the High Street, before settling on a view in front of the local toy shop (who happen to be hosting #christmasdoors Number One). At this point his eyes lit on the display of puppets in the shop’s window, and the idea was suggested that I might like to pose amongst them.

The young assistant working in the shop agreed to the idea, so I clambered in amongst the puppets. At this point, just as I stood in full view in the shop window with an elephant puppet to one side and a Mr Punch to the other – in walks the owner of the shop, whose window display had been so summarily hijacked! Not only did she burst out laughing, but she agreed to hold the photographer’s spare flash to illuminate the shot. It was as we were both laughing at the situation that a member of my church walked by and snapped the photo below. He either felt it was a moment to cherish, or wished to top up the bribe fund!

Just another day at the office…